The Reach Yoga Teacher Training program is carefully designed to maximize your knowledge, skill, and enjoyment of the learning process.

Through this unique, intensive 200+-hour program, you will not only satisfy requirements for Yoga Alliance teacher certification. Your yoga will grow roots in the eight limbs of ancient yoga, contemporary Vinyasa cues and sequencing, and a new appreciation of yoga through the eyes of a beginner.

Modules during Part I (October 1 - December 14) include

Modules during Part II (January 7 - March 18) include

  • Sacred Texts with Ramaa Krishnan
  • Going Deeper into Asana (20 hours) with Jenni Rawlings
  • Yoga Tasting - You will explore a different aspect of yoga each week with a different instructor - for example, Restorative Yoga with Jenny Kaufman; Ashtanga with Missy Hebson; Alignment-Based Yoga with Alison Faith; and much more
  • Anatomy & Physiology Mini-Intensive (6 hours) with Jenni Rawlings
  • How to Teach Yoga--Adjusting Poses with Deb Wineman 

Modules during Part III (April 8 - June 3) include

The final week will include additional summative activities, additional practicum, and a graduation ceremony.

Additionally, trainees will be expected to complete 2.5-3.5 hours of study outside of class each week. Time outside class will be spent on the following activities:

  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Anatomy study (coloring book or alternative activities)
  • Sanskrit study (online or alternative means of study)
  • Practice and practice teaching